Telling the story

“I was on my way and approaching Damascus…”(Acts 22:6a). We have already read Luke’s account of Paul’s conversion. Now we read Paul’s words as he shared the story of his conversion. We will hear Paul tell the story again later in Acts. He tells his story. The people are quiet and listening carefully at first. By the time he finishes telling the story he says a “magic word” that leads to people throwing off their jackets, shouting, and throwing dust in the air. There is a lot to process in this account, but as I read it today I am thinking about how I need to be prepared to tell my story of encountering God and becoming a follower of Jesus. In fact, all of us who follow Jesus should share our story. Are you ready?

Cardboard Testimony

I do not usually watch an 8 minute clip on YouTube, but when a friend emailed me this video from Hillside Christian Church, I couldn’t turn it off. I watched the whole thing. And if you start watching it, I bet you will, too.

Question: What would your “cardboard testimony” be?